Had you already find your final location in 2000 by the age of 31?

H. Kramer: Before 2000, I spent spent a lot of time travelling from one continent to another.
I have seen a lot, as I  have lived and worked in various countries.

Is it true that you even signed up as a 'mate' on cargo ships so that you would get to see many countries.

H. Kramer: Fascination for foreign countries and different worldviews had always attracted me. Be it the USA, HongKong, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zeeland, the Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, Brunei, the more exotic the place, the more fascinated I was.

I understand that you did an apprenticeship as a trader?

H. Kramer: Yes, I completed an apprenticeship as a foreign trader and as such was very deeply involved in this work early on. Whether it concerned foodstuff, building material or other products, I found the sourcing, organising and the trading of it very exciting - particularly in connection with foreign countries.

Is the fascination of foreign countries still taking you abroad?

H. Kramer: No, not really, I have a sailing boat and from time to time I get the world map out to help me decide where to go on the next adventure trip with my sons.
During the last couple of years I have been riding a rickshaw all the way through India, I have circled the Black Sea and passed the Caucasus in my old Volvo but after all I appreciate my living and working at home.

Most people study first, before learning the business and then later they may become their own boss. However, after your apprenticeship, you took overseas positions and studied, which was quickly followed by the setting up of your own business.
What provoked this different order?

H. Kramer: I wanted to start early and did not mind hard work. Therefore, I started my
apprenticeship with HÜPEDEN very early. I wanted to move to Asia immediately after I had finished, in order to build up business there.
I first moved to Brunei and subsequently went for WUENSCHE to Vietnam and HongKong.

Did you finish your studies in Hamburg after setting up your business?

H. Kramer: Yes, I did. My studies gave me the opportunity to build necessary skills in business administration. Furthermore, while studying at University, I worked as an office manager in a trading company based in Hamburg. Whilst attending, I also had the opportunity to continue building good relations with Asia meanwhile, establishing good relationships with companies in Scandinavia. Through these opportunities, I was able to build a good foundation in order to establish my own business. My principle: Undertaking is the opposite of non-undertaking. I have undertaken a little more than others.

What is favourite motto?

H. Kramer: Always produce the best, never be the average.